Lol too funny

To close to the camp fire but smiled anyway


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@4thdegreebelow_insanity “I’m light skinned she has no choice” lmao

Probably never seeing this jacket again!!! @jackiepen14 (at Evan’s Day)

Squad #bkvpwedding2014 congrats @tor47 & Brian a.k.a (Mr. & Mrs. Kaye)



Caitlin 07’
Deidre 13’

2 Hispanic
4 African American
7 Caucasian


Shout out to @dube6955 for the merch let’s get it

"Look yonder through the abyss" (at Earth 2.1)

"I surf on the internet and see
All my black friends die young and rest in peace
While all my white friends graduate with degrees
All the while I hear the gun shots from the window
I can vividly watch the disease
We cant be helped from the outside Because our cure can only come from within"
— Alli’

Maya knew my interest was her but she tried to push her fat friend on me who looked like dan akroyd
Then after she asked if I had any hot guy friends…she wonders why I don’t text her anymore.

Madeline I admit I put all my heart in to that bitch opened up completely…it was all in vain because showing feelings are too clingy…

Elizabeth I fucked her too hard she wasn’t ready for the black dick she now dates some borderline gay guy…

Katie was a booty call ended up thinking she was cool and started liking her till she couldn’t keep her mouth shut and told everybody in the world we were fucking. I fucked her while she was engaged too

Hannah I fucked her in the bathroom at work late night while she was engaged she loved the black D later ended up breaking up with her fiancé but wouldn’t really go far with it because her parents wouldn’t accept me because I’m black….fucked up she still wanted me to smash tho but I’m no slave

Diana was 35 and a divorce with two kids those were just booty sessions which were great but she always ordered bad Chinese food never trust a bitch who orders bad Chinese food

Shawna she was ugly tho I don’t know why I pursued it Ryan gosling told me it looked her face was ran over repeatedly with meat tenderizer she had an ass though which was the main reason I went after it…she could be getting mugged wouldn’t save her if we locked eyes I would just walk bye and give the assailant a head nod

Unknown Spanish girl - bitch to the third power

Kayla is like the fucking flake of the century

Alex would be all down to chill but soon as I leave she would be with another guy she was a fucking smut on the low…I caught wind of her shenanigans at her house party when her roommates were discussing it. to them I was just some random guy little did they know lol

"I can feel the change
I see the shift
My reality is changing
Connections are being broken
What’s right is left behind
As time stays still and moves on
The smile fade as the light dims
The grey sets in
Longevity withers and becomes brittle
Winter stays longer
The seas become furious
The wind stays calm and eerie
The love gets lost in the crowd
While the hate takes the stage
You lose a lot and gain at this age
The pain hurts greater
The scars are more visible
You get pushed out being to kind
You get hurt when you try to shine
You die before your time
They kill you in the grave
When they stop saying your name"
— Alli’

If I said I made this would you believe me?

30 days in and I think I can see a difference haven’t been as steady as I should do to work but I gotta get healthy
The amount of pounds I dropped was like 15 - 20 I’m guessing that had to be water weight lol


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